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Marijn Pronk M.Int.

is a consultant at KPMG Cyber & Privacy. Before joining KPMG, she worked within her own consultant company, Elletheia. She has an Erasmus Master’s Degree in Security, Intelligence, and Strategic Studies from the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University, and Charles University. Marijn has experience in the fields of cyber transformation, cyber awareness, BIO implementation, cyber crisis simulations and cyber maturity assessments (CMAs) within public and private sector organizations. In addition, Marijn is part of the innovation team within Cyber Strategy and Risk, focusing on Emerging Risks.

Articles and contributions

Quantum computing risks and opportunities: how to become post-quantum ready

May 2023 - The advance of quantum computing brings new risks and opportunities that decision-makers need to consider to make their organizations “quantum...

How disinformation might hurt your business

May 2023 - Disinformation is a cybersecurity threat and should therefore be treated as such. Fortunately, a lot of cybersecurity measures can be...