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Ir. Thijs Timmerman MBA CISM CRISC

is a partner at KPMG Cyber & Privacy with a strong international track record. With his project teams, Thijs has supported his clients in optimizing their security strategy, clarifying their risk posture, building of the business case for cyber investments, fulfilling improvement programs and conducting quality assurance activities. Having acted as a CISO himself, he also knows the other side of the table – strengthening his multidimensional vision on cyber in the boardroom and ability to communicate on board level. His communication skills are characterized by trust and integrity. Thijs completed an MSc in Industrial and Applied Mathematics at Eindhoven University of Technology, with a focus on discrete mathematics and cryptographic applications. In addition, he completed an executive masters in IT auditing and an executive MBA. He applies his analytical skills and information protection knowledge in various markets including maritime, building and construction, logistics and energy. Thijs’ vision is that intelligence-based insights, risk-informed decisions and proper board attention are the necessary elements for making cyber security into a positive business enabler.

Articles and contributions

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