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Where are you in your AI journey?


“Where are you in your AI journey?” is a question we often ask our clients, but it is also a question clients regularly ask us, and in my opinion, it is a valid question. AI can bring organizations a lot of opportunities, but to help clients harvest these opportunities in the best way, you need to practice what you preach. Therefore, within KPMG, a lot of AI activities are ongoing, like the introduction of KPMG’s version of OpenAI ChatGPT.

When zooming in on my own work domain (i.e., helping clients implement a future-proof IT application landscape in the finance, SCM and CRM domain), we definitely consider AI a strong enabler for not only optimizing processes, but also, and especially, interpreting data and supporting management in making profound decisions.

However, all propositions we have developed or that are in development, follow a strict approach, and as for every IT-enabled business transformation we start, we consider it of the utmost importance to have a clear set of guiding principles. Within KPMG, we have formulated the following principles regarding the use of AI:

  • Bold ambitions, infinite value: To unlock the full potential of AI, we must commit to ambitious goals, driven by a strategic mindset focused on achieving significant milestones.
  • Tech aids, humans lead: AI should enhance human potential, not replace it.
  • No trust, no progress: In the realm of AI, establishing trust among KPMG employees, customers, and stakeholders is key to making meaningful progress.

Of course there is much more to tell when it comes to these principles, but coming back to the question “Where are you in your AI journey?”, my response is that we are definitely “on the road” and are experiencing and learning which opportunities AI can bring not only us, but also our clients. The set of guiding principles definitely gives me and my colleagues a lot of comfort and guidance, and I would really recommend your organization to formulate your own set of guiding principles regarding AI.

Mark Scheurwater

Director Platforms