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Compact article of the year


To write a thorough Compact article can be an intensive and lengthy process as it requires investigation, writing, rethinking and rewriting. We highly appreciate the effort all authors invest in this process and therefore, as editor team, we like to show our appreciation each year by selecting the article of the year and announcing the winner during one of KPMG’s live events.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 also had an impact on these proceedings, meaning that we had to take a different route and turned to a digital award meeting in MS Teams. As this did not feel satisfactory, we thought it was a good idea to also pay explicit attention to the nominees in this edition.

Before announcing the winners, it is worth mentioning that we go through quite an extensive selection process. To start with, for each of the editions we select the two best articles. After having made this shortlist, each member of our editor team reviews the selected articles and evaluates the articles based on the evaluation criteria as mentioned in the following table.


Table 1. Overview evaluation criteria Article of the year. [Click on the image for a larger image]

After each member has provided his/her scoring, all results are added, resulting in a final score, allowing us to determine the winning article for that specific year.

And the winner is …

For last year we also included the two last editions of 2019, resulting in twelve articles to be reviewed. After adding all the scores, three articles ended very close. Nevertheless, the scoring was clear and our article of the year is:

Data-driven insights to Robotic Process Automation with Process Mining

This article explains in a very transparent way how Process Mining can be a powerful ally in using data-driven insights to support and substantiate process owners’ and developers’ decisions as well as quantify enhancements brought about by automation. So in case this a topic of discussion in your organization, I would really recommend you to read it.

Congratulations to the authors: Carolina Di Bisceglie, Elham Ramezani Taghiabadi, and Himalini Aklecha


We would also like to congratulate and thank the runners up who ended in second and third place, and of course all other authors who paid a contribution to these editions.

  1. Enhancing due diligence in supply chain managementAudrey Daluz, Claudiu-Cristi Antonovici, Dennis de Vries, Jerwin Tholen, Wietse van Brug
  2. Surviving extreme scenarios in a digital realityRonald Heil

The winning authors have been rewarded with a voucher, but even more important, they will get the honour to own our famous Compact cup for one year, which will hopefully not only motivate them, but also other authors, to keep contributing to Compact magazine.