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Tom Koehler

specializes in enterprise risk management and securely bringing an organization’s innovation and digital transformations to life. Tom serves as Chief Technology Officer for KPMG in the Netherlands and was appointed Global Head of KPMG Citizen Developer Program. The goal of this initiative is to give employees more autonomy and responsibility to create digital solutions while empowering them with the right tools, the proper guardrails and the support they need to bring technology to life. It’s about building trust in our global systems and creating a thriving community of like-minded colleagues. He is also the co-founder of the Munich Cyber Security Conference (MCSC), founded in 2014. MCSC offers a unique space for exchanging and discussing solutions to the manifold challenges in information technology and cyber security.

Articles and contributions

The rise of the Citizen Developer

December 2022 - Right now, businesses are facing the perfect storm. Digital transformation is high on every organization’s management agenda, with global spending...

Trust by Design: rethinking technology risk

March 2022 - In society, there is a growing call for trust in technology. Just think about the data leaks and privacy issues...