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Koen Revet MSc

is a senior consultant at KPMG Enterprise Solutions. He has been working for three years on SAP projects. Koen is part of the technology suite at KPMG where he specializes in blockchain solutions using the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo. During his career at KPMG, he operates in the area between business and IT, where he is involved in several ERP implementations in the supply chain, pharma, oil & gas and banking industries. Koen is a blockchain expert and has been focusing intensively on the development of blockchain solutions for almost three years. He gave several blockchain presentations and guest lectures about SAP Leonardo at the VU University and the 2018 SAP VNSG event.

Articles and contributions

Start small, think big

March 2019 - Since bitcoin has been introduced, there were high expectations of blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin. Blockchain has special characteristics that...