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Jacqueline Morrison

is a senior specialist within the Cyber team at KPMG NL focused on Security Operations. During her career in Cyber Security spanning over a decade she has helped organizations assess, design and implement their Security Operations function from a strategic and procedural level, as well as leading teams to build detection and response services, including during high pressure incident scenarios. She also has extensive hands-on technical experience including working in roles as a SOC analyst and the engineering and configuration of security tooling (e.g. SIEM, IDS/IPS, Endpoint Protection).

Articles and contributions

Trends, challenges & evolution of security monitoring in the evolving digital landscape

April 2021 - Society is becoming increasingly dependent on digitized processes and systems ([NCTV19]). This trend is also apparent within organizations. As the...

Purple Team: drive defense with offense

April 2020 - Purple team exercises are a fast way to improve your security monitoring function. By combining defense and offense in purple...