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Compact Article of the Year 2022 – 2023

Writing a thorough Compact article can be an intensive and lengthy process, as it requires investigation, writing, rethinking, and rewriting. This being said, we highly appreciate the time and effort all authors are investing in their article and therefore, as editorial team, we would like to show our gratitude by annually selecting the Article of the Year and announcing the winner during one of KPMG’s live events.

Like previous years, we again went through a careful evaluation process. First, we selected the best article from each issue from Q1 2022 to Q2 2023. Then, each member of our editorial team reviewed the selection and assessed the articles based on the evaluation criteria mentioned in table 1 below.


Table 1. Overview of the evaluation criteria for Article of the Year. [Click on the image for a larger image]

In total, six articles have been reviewed covering topics from sustainability to blockchain, and AVG to testing. After all the scores were added up, three articles finished very, very closely together… But the numbers were clear and the winner for Q1 2022 – Q3 2023 was published in our 2023 issue “Digital Trust: Cyber Security, Privacy & Ethics”.

“Five years of GDPR supervision at a glance”

Congratulations to the authors: Laura Huijts, Malik Elbaz and Danielle Molenkamp.


In their winning article, the authors reflect on five years of GDPR supervision and which measures organisations should take to avoid being subjected to similar enforcement actions. The review team was very impressed by the clear structure and readability of the article. The practicality of this article received high scores as well. So, in case this topic is relevant to you (and we think it is relevant to all organisations), we really recommend taking another look at this article.


Figure 1. Winning authors Malik Elbaz and Danielle Molenkamp. Laura Huijts was on maternity leave. [Click on the image for a larger image]

We of course would also like to congratulate and thank the runners-up who ended in second and third place and all other authors who contributed to these issues. The numbers two and three on our list were “Reporting about culture and behavior increases confidence in outsourcing” (Corine Tol, Jacco van Kleef, Laura Ploegsma) and “Emerging global and European sustainability reporting requirements” (Anton Zhigalov, Gijs de Graaff).

The winning authors have been rewarded with a voucher, but even more important, they will get the honour of owning our famous Compact Cup for one year, which will hopefully not only motivate them, but also other authors to keep contributing to our Compact issues.